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Escape Room Fayetteville 

3639 B. Sycamore Dairy Road Fayetteville, NC  28303    ENTER SITE


Luke Chilton inherited the family entrepreneurial genes. Also a musician and actor, he splits his time between California and Fayetteville. In 2015, Luke pitched an idea to his family, including his Aunt who started Omega Gymnastics in Fayetteville, NC over 30 years ago, and to his parents.  

Luke had visited an Escape Room while in California and felt like Fayetteville, NC would embrace this concept and welcome the adventure. “Imagine being locked in a room with a bunch of your friends or family and the only way out is by solving puzzles. It is interactive gaming, family fun, team building” says Luke. “It is intense. Fayetteville is going to love it!” “You are locked inside a room with 8 to 10 people and you have to stretch your mind, use your intellect to get out”. Clues are scattered around the room, on the wall, everywhere. Participants must work together to solve a series of puzzles to unlock the door. The clues often lead to a physical key, but the stories vary of why you’re in the are involved in a bank heist, you are seeking lost treasure, you are trying to avoid zombies or, perhaps, a serial killer....and the way in which action unfolds differs by room and location.

Two years later business is booming! and the Escape Room Fayetteville, NC is expanding. In September 2017, the "Vegas Hangover" room will open and by early 2018, the Escape Room Fayetteville will add three new Escape Room adventures. 

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